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Stay energized, Stay motivated.

Stay energized, Stay motivated.

For most, the hardest part of staying active is sticking to a daily routine. With IgY Max Performance, you'll feel less sore the next day and have more energy to stay motivated all week long. Just mix with water, milk or yogurt before your workout for an advanced recovery shake!

Let's Maximize Results!

Why IgY?


We have the right supplements to keep you on track.

Customize your routine to fit your hectic schedule and see results where you need it most.

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And we have the research to back it up.

By supplementing your workout with IgY Max Performance™ you can experience:

20% faster recovery

16% greater endurance

9% increase in anaerobic power

Reduced effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

After supplementing with IgY Max Performance for two weeks, college-aged athletes reported less soreness following a session of intense exercise and showed significantly reduced markers of muscle damage and inflammation compared to a placebo group.

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  • Replenish

    Improve immune system function and reduce internal stress to have more energy for staying active.

  • Retain

    Increase endurance and flexibility so you can maintain progress and continue building your workout for faster results.

  • Restore

    Feel less sore after your workout and build up resistance against detrimental effects of stress, travel, and sleep deprivation for efficient recovery.

  • Trusted

    From doctors to athletes, IgY Max Performance has been tested and approved by the experts on health and sports fitness.

  • Easy to Mix

    Combine it with your favorite smoothies, shakes, and no-bakes!

  • 60-Day Guarantee

    If we didn't satisfy your needs, send it back for a full refund. We'll only ask how we can improve.